Monday when Elizabeth woke up she found something under her bed. The
Wand!!!  ”OMG!!!!! my wish came true the wand!” she said joyfully. ”Honey
time for school” Her Mom called. “” Okay magic wand you better work. I wish
there was no school.” Elizabeth hoped. it appeared on the news no
scool for John Elementary School. ”So you really do work.” she said
suspicous….okay okay don’t go crazy with it it’s just for important things. she
thought. ”I wish I was filthy rich.”  Elizabeth wished. It worked now her
family which was her mom(Mrs.Mandy), her dad(Mr.Mandy), her sister(Crystal
Mandy), & herselfIt worked now her & her family were rich and had a beautiful white
mansion that had a pool, & everything! but soon…. everything was gone!
what Elizabeth did’nt know was that the items’ that she wishes for has a
deadline which is in one week. ”Oh No!!. Now all we have is our same ‘o
house”. Crystal said angry. ”Hey enough Crystal! you should at least be happy
for what we have that some people don’t even have.” Mrs.Mandy shouted. ”Well i
know one thing’s for sure i do love my family.” Elizabeth replied.

So from that day on Elizabeth did’nt care if the shooting star’s deadline was
a week the only thing that she cared about was her family and herself.


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