Friday the 4th grader went to field station: Dinosaurs! We learned soo much
about these ferocious predators.

we learned about the extensions of how they died out heres a list

  • Floods 

dinosaurs looked so real but we learned the long necked dino is not

  • T-rex,
    (I think this is correct)

I was scared half to death after what happened in the theatre because they
brought out the Tyrannosaurus Rex but T-rex for short. T-rex is A carnivore
which means it eats meat.

Scientists are thinking of bringing dinosaurs back to life! in a way it's good
because dinosaurs may have something in their bodies to help us and it's bad
because things can go awry and they can cause destruction mayhem and

Dinosaurs seem very
scary to me
especially T-rex i'm not really scared of the Dinosaur with the plates on it's
back because instead of eating meat it eats grass.

 here are some facts about

Dinosaurs can be herbivores carnivores and omnivores.Dinosaurs died out about 56 MILLION years ago!Dinosaurs either lived in/on land, air and water.Dinosaurs may be brought back to life by scientists in the future                           

do you want dinosaurs to come back to


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