On Thursday we went to a fun place called Liberty Science Center. Liberty Science Center was fun, and exciting. If you visit you'll have joyful time there
Diseases can spread easily. There is one disease called the '' Spanish Pandemic Flu'' You must be careful with this flu because it killed more than  40 million people in 1 year! There is another one called HIV. A Haitian woman had HIV and didn't want to feed her son because she was frightened that he would get HIV to. She eventually had to feed hi because she had no choice but luckily her son still survived with no HIV. People can be healthy but you or that person may never know what they really have. You need to wash your hands with warm water for 20 seconds so the germs will go away. Also diseases stop the body from working the way it should.
e eventually did a science experiment. First we had this science plate where we put the drops in it. 1 2 3 4 an 5 were the numbers in it. We took the negative liquid and used the eyedropper to put the negative liquid in the numbers and did the same thing with the positive liquid. Positive means your carrying the disease and negative mean your not carrying the disease. Next we used the tweezers to pick up beads WITH the real disease coated over them! Me and my partner were definitely careful with NOT touching the beads!! We poured a substance in to all of the numbers. A few turned pink because those were carrying the disease.
hen we first went to Liberty Science Center we watched a movie called '' Turtle Vision 2: Sammy's Escape'' I think in my opinion the  Environmental Message is to stop dumping oil, waste and garbage because it's not doing anything but harming and killing Sea Animals. In the movie they were spilling oil and a few of the little Sea Critters died.
y conclusion is to stay healthy by staying away from dead animals, washing hands, and taking medicine also help the dying critters PLEASE!


Oliver, Jotham. babysnapper.jpg. August 2010. Pics4Learning. 7 Jun 2013

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