The ghostly tigers’ hunger was building up BIG-TIME. So it decided to have a snack of talking giraffes. The tiger used it’s ice-powers to benumb the animal so it won’t make noise. As soon as the zookeeper looked back the giraffes were gone! The zookeeper injected a chemical to make herself stronger to fight. Once the zookeeper got in the den of the ghostly tiger she blasted the chemical at the tiger and it abtated. She was victorious after she got the giraffes back. For the first job the zookeeper was not that bad.

What chemical do you think the zookeeper used to make herself stronger?


Olusola (Team 100wc)
06/16/2013 1:23pm

Hi Aniysah,
Thank you for contributing to week33wc. I like the way you made emphasis to the ghostly tiger's hunger. 'BIG TIME' makes that clear.
I guess the zookeeper may have used a combination of helium and potassium.
Well done!


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