I l0ve to make bracelets out of embroidery floss. It’s one of my favorite
hobbies! do you like making bracelets out of embroidery?

This became my favorite hobby because
last year in Salt Lake City Utah I went to summer camp. My friend showed me and
all of a sudden iI become fascinated in making bracelets. The colors i would
most likely choose to make bracelets are  Green, and baby blue since
those are 2 of my favorite colors. After all green is a sign of luck. Maybe
you can go to YouTube and you may be in luck by seeing some of the videos
they have for making bracelets out of embroidery. If they don’t ask your friend
see if they know. It may take some time for you or you may learn it quick like i


Things you need!!!!!!!!

  • Pack of embroidery floss

  • Flat suface

  • Tape

  So now the thing that i’m
passionate about i will show you how to do it!! Ready? So 1st you need to be on
a flat surface bring the tape, and pack of embroidery floss. Secondly you
NEED to pick the colors that you will need to make this beautiful, delightful,
and colorful bracelet!!!  Once your done picking your colors you must have
4 colors chosen and the put a knot in the top of it. 3rd you must put a strip of
tape over it so this way  it won’t get messed up while your in the process
of doing this fun craft!! Ready for the trickiest part??? You MUST  take 1
part of the 4 colors and put it over and then under like a loop over the 3
other colors. Now you keep doing that until theres NO string left! wrap it
around you wrist and tie it and there you go you have your bracelet!! I’m not
the best at explaining hard things like this so i prefer or suggest that you
watch a video on youtube.

  So embroidery bracelets is a very
awsome hobby to me!!! Making bracelets out of embroidery was hard for me but
eventually i got the hang of it and you will to!! Everyone has a favorite hobby
right? WEll let me give you a secret make sure you don’t tell it ok?, it’s how
to do it quickly and learn the steps in a day or less. The most important thing
you must do is pay very very close attention, and definitely ask questions
repeatedly if you don’t understand the concept of making embroidery. Now you
really wan’t to know how i liked embroidery?  It’s because, you get to make
bracelets with your favorite colors and get to make something beautiful out of

And that’s how I became passionate, and
addicted to embroidery!!

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