1. A sock monkey
2. A sock puppet
3. A short scarf maybe one that fits a baby!
4. A cute little sweater
5. A baby shoe (booties)
6. A doll dress
7. Your own t-shirt
8. A pretty shirt for any of your family members
9.  A mini purse
10.  shoes for your feet like slippers
summer, Maddie and Bethan
5/20/2013 10:42:19 pm

well done with your blog.
i like the part when you said baby shoes (booties).
try to add some more full stops.
well done!

6/4/2013 01:13:30 am

Dear Maddie and Bethan,
thank you for the comment and the suggestion. I have one question though. what do you mean by try to add some more full stops?
sincerely, aniysah


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