Here in Utah I came to Discovery Gateway to check out some stores.

      At Clark Planetarium they have meteorites, even one that’s about 4.5 billion years old! Isn’t that a long time? At Clark planetarium they have 2 life sized models which are the moon and mars. On these models you get to walk on them and you also have to be careful because they have real rocks that you can trip and fall on. So far i’m enjoying it. Did I also forget to mention about the store? At the store I bought A real geode that you can crack open with A hammer.

Next I wen’t to check out Justice, the store with stuff that us girls may like. here they sell diaries with the first initials of your name like: A,B, etc. I love Justice because they have many things like: diaries, different kinds of bags, and toys. This store may be a 5 star store.

After I went to Barnes And Nobles. From this store I got the book Smile by: Raina Telgemeier.Barnes and Nobles have so many books like: calender books, diaries and much more. Here they assort the books by genre and they have A whole section full of kids books.

So I had A very busy day. I give discovery gateway A 5 star place. By reading this article what rating would you like to give discovery gateway?


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