My Favorite
blogging challenge of 2013 is My 10 favorite things by me. My 10 favorite things
by ME is my favorite because I can share what I like. Also people can know a
little more about the person they are reading about. Also I like this challenge
because if people know more about you the better it is. This is some of my blog
post of My 10 Favorite Things:1. My favorite place is the beach. The reason why
the beach is my favorite is because it is very peaceful
and beautiful. Beautiful things that you can see at the beach is the Ocean
gleaming in the sunlight. Beautiful Right? And it’s peaceful because you have
free- time to read books chillax or even catch some waves with… Surfing!!!
Imagine, sunset’s rays gleaming on the Ocean while you enjoy reading, surfing,
or swimming. In my opinion Beach’s are the BEST!!!. I get to share my feelings
about why That thing is my favorite!!!

The next blog post is by Cayla which is a very creative writer.  here is a peek at blog
challenge #11 by Cayla
:I am thankful for paper!  I am thankful
for paper because you get to draw and write things when you are bored.
 Also paper is important to me because I get to draw interesting things
that can make me smile and feel happy! This is a fantabulous

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