One blogging challenge is meeting 10 people. This post is by Ella F.  This is my favorite challenge because
we get to express our feelings in a way by informing people the people we wan't
to meet. Also in this challenge you need to have a question for the person you
wan't to meet. It's fun to express
your feelings y telling who you wan't to meet. Ella put's great people that she
want's to meet. This is mrs. panthers class!

Another blogging challenge is about spring break/Easter. This blog post is by Zoe in mrs.panthers class. Easter break is a good
challenge because Easter is one of my favorite Holidays and then we get to talk
about what we are doing for Easter Break/ Spring. It's fun on easter break
because at my school we get 1 WHOLE week off!

Last but not least is Anthony at edublogs on chllange #8. I like challenge
8 by Anthony because he's very detailed.  It's very good to be detailed it
makes the reader understand more. When the reader understands more it helps them
visualize. Visualization is good because the visitor would visit even


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