1. One thing under a dollar that I love is gumballs!! Gumballs are very delicious , you can get them for 50 cents from a gumball machine!!! Gumballs are very delicious they come in all flavors. They have sour, plain, and even fruit flavors!!!! Gum is what I'm very thankful for because also when i'm hungry I can just chew on it. I just LOVE gum!!!!!!

2. Chips is another tasty thing that i'm thankful for. My favorite flavor is salt & vinegar, also sour cream & onions. Chips can be a dollar or 50 cents. sour cream & onion is a very good flavor just like my favorite salt & vinegar. The tasty sensation in your mouth, you really would enjoy this tasty treat JUST LIKE ME!!!!!

3. Another thing i'm thankful for is paper. I'm thankful for paper because since my favorite hobby is to draw. Without paper I wouldn't even like drawing or do it at ALL!!!!! when i'm drawing it lets me express my feelings through art and without the paper for about 1.00 I wouldn't be ale to express my feelings.

4. Another thing that i'm thankful for is Nacho Cheese Sunflower Seeds for 50 cents!!! Nacho Cheese sunflower seeds are very good and tasty!!!! The sensation goes through your taste buds. Nacho Cheese is the best, I insist that you try it and I bet you'll buy it everytime you go to a corner store or one of those 99 cent stores. You'll never wan't to stop eating these tasty things!

5. Pencils are another thing i'm thankful for because if I never had pencils I wouldn't get my homework done which would be a BIG problem with my schoolwork. I don't really like having problems with my schoolwork because my grades will be affected BIG time!

6. Another thing that i'm thankful for is the hand sanitizer under a dollar. I'm thankful for this because it kills germs. For example: At home we were running out of soap but if I don't have hand sanitizer I get the germs in my food and I can CATCH diseases! that's why we need hand sanitizer.

7. Another thing i'm thankful for is toys. I'm thankful for toys because if i'm having a bad, and boring day playing with toys will make YOU feel better! My favorite toy is Barbie. I really don't care what other people think because that's what makes me happy and that's really all that matters to ME!!!!

8.  Scissors are another thing that i'm thankful for. The reason why i'm thankful for scissors is because you can make pretty snowflakes. When I was your in Kindergarten & 1st grade I LOVED making snowflakes. They are a very Fantastic thing to do if you wan't to decorate your house or tree for Christmas.Your house or Christmas tree will look very beautiful. You just need Paper and Scissors!!!

9. Another thing that i'm thankful for under a dollar is candy. Even though candy is not healthy I eat it once in a while. My favorite candy is blue rasberry flavored Jolly Ranchers, and Banana flavored Laffy Taffy. Laffy Taffy Banana favored is very good. For some reason it makes me VERY HAPPY!!!!!

10. The last thing that i'm thankful for under a dollar is drinks. This is what i'm thankful for because without drinks you cause dehydration which will cause DEATH!! Duhn Duhn Duhn! My favorite drinks are SODA of course! Soda comes in all flavors like: Coke, Root Beer, Orange, and more!!

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