I love celebrities. My favorite kind of celebrities are the singers. Singers are so awesome to me!!!

The number 1 person i would love to meet is … Shakira!!!!!!!!! okay so your probably wondering why i like This spanish- celebrity. well… mostly because her music is so awesome!!! the song that i really like by Shakira is she wolf it is such a good song. If your wondering shakira is still alive. Shakira is so good when it comes to her hips. She has that rythym in her hips! She has such a cool talent that i wish i could have. the question i would ask is what are your expectations to do in your career now?

the second person i would like to meet is Beyonce. She is my favorite like Shakira her and Shakira look alike in some ways. Beyonces’ hit with shakira was….. Beautiful Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shakira & Beyonce are very good dancers when it came to this  hit that sold alot of money. Beyonce is like a R&B blessing in this world. Her cute daughter Blue Ivy Carter may be just like her mom Beyonce and not that much of  her rapping dad Jay-Z!!! i would ask Beyonce what goals would you wan’t your daughter to beat?the reason i would like to meet her is because i love her songs it’s like i’m addicted to her R&B songs!

Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy  

M y third celebrity i would like to meet is…pitbull. do you think he’s a dog? well if you do your wrong he’s a very good singer and has very good latin music! his music is what inspired me to meet him. The #1 song that inspired me was Back in Time which was the song that was featured in MIB3. So 1 of the questions i would definitely ask is what inspired you to start your music career? i would definitely freak if i got to go to one of his concerts and get to ask him that!!! Now one question i have for you… Have you ever been to a celebrity concert?

So the 4th & 5th celebrity i would like to meet is…. Bella Thorne & Zendaya Coleman!!! this stars are on the disney channel hit show… Shake it up. These girls are best buds and even have thier own album!! What inspired me to meet these Stars were because they are so cool and can be hilarious on Shake it up!!! I love hilarious stuff. for some reason hilarious things just catch my attention. Another reason why i wan’t to meet these stars is because i love to hear their singing. For some reason i Love to sing and hearing other people sing makes me happy.

Bella & Zendaya!!!

   The 6th person i would like to meet is…. Atticus D. Mitchell!! The reason i wan’t  to meet this celebrity is mostly because he stars on my favorite t.v show. My Babysitter’s A Vampire!!! it just makes me wan’t to sank my fangs into the t.v! literally it grabs my attention. Created by Fresh T.V teamed up with Disney & formed a show with great talented Canadians. I suggest that you wacth this show you’ll see what i was talking about. so what i would ask him is… Atticus when are you going to continue the My Babysitter’s A Vampire series?

    My 7th celebrity i would like to meet is my Favorite band lead vocalist… Adam Levine!!! i admire how he sings and my favorite song by Maroon 5 is…. Misery. YAY! now i know you might be wondering why i would like to meet this celebrity/ amazing singer. Okay so the reason why i would like to meet this celebrity is because of his talent we both have something in commen! The thing me and Adam have in common is we both love or you can say adore singing. I sing most of the time like Adam but it’s just that i don’t have any albums out yet but eventually i will! Do you wan’t to know what i will ask Adam at an interview? it’s this…. Adam what celebrity or songwiter do you have most things in common with?

Ready for my 8th favorite celebrity/ singer? Well it is…. Carrie Underwood the #1 country artist she’s like Taylor swift don’t you think? Carrie Underwood is a very great celebrity/singer to me. What i wan’t you to do is go on youtube and type Carrie Underwood  Good Girl. It is my most favorite song. What inspired me to meet her is because she’s very beautiful and even starred in my top #1 movie… Soul Surfer!!! Soul Surfer is the movie where i heard and saw Carrie Underwood. The question i would ask Carrie is How did you become to star in soul surfer?

So are you ready for my 9th celebrity/singer? it’s a singer, he sung good time with carly Rea Jephsen can you guess who? We have a winner it’s Owl City!! the song i like most is shooting star. Now what inspires me to meet owl city is that thier songs are dazzling and spectacular!!!!!! if you wan’t to hear one of their songs go on youtube and then type owl city you’ll see underneath the search bar some things and press shooting star you’ll really like it especially the lyric videos the make. I would ask owl city… What do you think was your #1 song that you made?

Now the final celebrity/singer i’m not sure about that i would choose because every celebrity is very good. I’m not sure but everyone in this world is a star it’s… no one no matter who i pick i don’t wan’t anyone to be offended but all i can say is i love singers!!!!!!



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