1.  Sumdog
is very educational and it develops your math skills. You don’t realize your
learning but you really are because  once you play it asks you questions
related to math. For example: 5×5= , and then it would give you choices with the
pictures next to it but some problems don’t have pictures. Choices: 25, 45, 15,
or 35. Some questions may trick you so you have to think hard for some
promblems. While you play you also develop your math skills. Sumdog is not
really for kindergarten or preschool it’s more for 3rd grade to 12th grade.

2. Digital Passport is a
game that teaches you like what’s good and what’s bad. On digital passport they
have a video that’s set as an example to show you what the lesson to the game.
Well for example: When I chose the games with the little green things growing
the video was about doing the right thing online. Digital passport is for grades
like K- 12.

3. Play kids games is a
awesome site , once you go there you have a list of school category games like
math, language arts,  geography and so much more!

4. Pearson Success Net has
Math games some time you and timing is good because you never know if your
teacher suddenly tests you on math problems without letting you guys know and
you get an A+ or A- for practicing timing on Pearson.

5. Fun Brain is a fun educational game it has math
games you can play you can even read books but click math arcade!

6.  ABCYA! is a educational
website. You get to play games like math games or Ice Cream Talk with practicing
verbs and nouns in language arts. This website is for 4th graders.

7. I think ABC
is very educational for kids PRE-K to  Kindergarten
because you can be one level ahead of your grade , you get to play over 50
educational games , and it’s completely free fo young kids.

is also educational because it has games that helps improve your skill like at
keyboarding games you learn how to type in a very fun way!

9. NEO K 12 is also a educational game to play
because it has puzzles, brain games, and quizzes! Brain games really make
you think that’s why i suggest that you play on this site.

10.My last website is…. Study Island because you can learn about math and
reading and it also prepares you for tests like the NJASK

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