1. My favorite place is the beach. The reason why the beach is my favorite is
because it is very peaceful and beautiful. Beautiful things that you can see at
the beach is the Ocean gleaming in the sunlight. Beautiful Right? And it’s
peaceful because you have free- time to read books chillax or even catch some
waves with… Surfing!!! Imagine, sunset’s rays gleaming on the Ocean while you
enjoy reading, surfing, or swimming. In my opinion Beach’s are the BEST!!!

2. My most favorite hobby is making bracelets out of embroidery floss. Bracelets are so cool to make. You get to choose pretty colors even your favorite colors! I love the color Green so I make green bracelets. You can order embroidery floss from online shops like Amazon. Embroidery bracelets were hard at first, but now i’m like a Seasoned PRO at this!!!! All it took for me to be a seasoned PRO is….. Practice!!! Now the colors I would use to make My bracelets are Green, Blue, White, or Red. Usually embroidery doesn’t smell like anything but that doesn’t really matter it’s what you choose like the colors, and the beads because I’ve tried once and I fitted beads onto my bracelet but make sure it looks right and blends in.

3.My favorite band is R 5 here’s a screen cast! aniysah colston screencast  Just click Aniysah  Screencast.

4. My favorite fast food to eat is……  Chicken nuggets from Mc.Donalds or other places! My nickname for the Best Fast Food restaurant across America is Miccky D’s that’s also what some people call it. Miccky  D’s is my favorite restaurant since their food (in my opinion) is better than Applebee’s, No offense but Applebee’s does have good food but Mc.donalds cheeseburgers (MM!!) those cheeseburgers are scrumptious, & delicious especially their chicken nuggets dipped in sweet ‘n’ sour, B-B-Q sauce, or especially the one and only….. Honey mustard sauce! I like my Chicken nuggets with Honey mustard sauce But I used to like it with B-B-Q sauce but now i’m not a big fan of B-B-Q sauce.

5. My favorite Season is….. Winter. Winter is my favorite season because you can play snowballs and make snowmen or even snow angels! Snow angels are the prettiest angels because you can make angels in the sparkly snow, and you can enjoy playing a nice round of snowball fight with your family or friends now that’s what a call the coolest Winter/ Season ever!!!! Now what makes winter cooler for me is that I can sit , have a nice cup of hot Coa-Coa, and relax and listen to Christmas song with my Awesome family!

6. Now it’s time for, Name That Favorite Flower! My favorite flower is a….. Water Lily! Water Lillies are my favorite flower mostly because their color is a very beautiful color. Water Lillies look very marvelous when they float on top of the water. Lillies are the most beautiful flower to me you’ll see. Especially when frogs are on it.7. My favorite animal / pet is of course the cutest animal in the world (To Me) A Hamster. Hamsters are my favorite animal because they are very cute and when your’e having a bad day all it takes is to play with the hamster You’ll Be Very Happy! Hamsters make me happy when i’m sad for sure. Hamsters are the most cuddly things in the whole entire world. These furry little critters are the best pet’s to have. I actually have a hamster as a pet. hamsters have different personalities like one is nice and one is mean.8. My favorite drink is Milk. The reason why i like milk is because it’s healthy also it makes you and both your bones strong. Milk with Caramel is the best it tastes  very sweet!! MM!! Caramel Milk is my favorite to but mostly I drink regular Milk. Sometimes even Caramel Milk makes me happy!  It’s weird but i guess since it’s sweet it just makes me happy since I LOVE sweet things.  Maybe you should try Caramel Milk, I insist.

9. My favorite car is a Honda. Honda is my favorite because it’s speed is very fast, like on the commercials they have I think they said “20 M.P.h” (MILES.PER.HOUR) I love fast super speed cars especially this one but i always wonder if it comes with one of those car T.V’s in the back of the seat. My  uncle has a car T.V but it’s where the stereo is. It’s so cool to have a Honda. The one I most want are the  ones they make in the previous year like now it’s 2013 , I would wan’t one from 2013.

10. Finally my favorite T.V  show is… Jessie. Jessie is my favorite mostly because it’s interesting, and it’s a comedy. I LOVE a good comedy like this one but I like comedy’s for kid’s not for grown adults like on comedy central I just watch it on Disney Channel. You’ll really like this show, most of the time you will get a very good laugh of it!

What are your 10 favorite things to do and why are those things fun to you?

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