Here in Utah I came to Discovery Gateway to check out some stores.

      At Clark Planetarium they have meteorites, even one that’s about 4.5 billion years old! Isn’t that a long time? At Clark planetarium they have 2 life sized models which are the moon and mars. On these models you get to walk on them and you also have to be careful because they have real rocks that you can trip and fall on. So far i’m enjoying it. Did I also forget to mention about the store? At the store I bought A real geode that you can crack open with A hammer.

Next I wen’t to check out Justice, the store with stuff that us girls may like. here they sell diaries with the first initials of your name like: A,B, etc. I love Justice because they have many things like: diaries, different kinds of bags, and toys. This store may be a 5 star store.

After I went to Barnes And Nobles. From this store I got the book Smile by: Raina Telgemeier.Barnes and Nobles have so many books like: calender books, diaries and much more. Here they assort the books by genre and they have A whole section full of kids books.

So I had A very busy day. I give discovery gateway A 5 star place. By reading this article what rating would you like to give discovery gateway?

    There once lived a Black Polar Bear. Reporters say they were just standing there and watching it, but out of no where the bear just pounced and ate the kids. So this summer I am going to search in Utah for this black polar bear. People also say they saw it flying as it was eating the kids. If you wan't to join me this summer and help me find this black bear call this number: 801-736-5442 or you can go on my website:  The spirit of this black bear a.k.a (The ghost bear) is usually spotted in Jersey,Nebraska,and Colorado, Utah so watch out! I also have souviners but there expensive.
The light was so bright the birds eggs
turned into scrambled eggs! I freaked out and screamed. I wondered: Was T.V
right about the world coming to an end from the sun? Is all of this true? As I
looked up the sun was beaming and coming very close to us. All you can hear was
screams and panic through the streets of N.Y.C. My blood turned cold and my skin
was hot tamale red. Soon I woke up in a strange cloudy place also it was sunny
filled with laughter and such good things. I ended up in heaven! And I was so

Have you ever watched a show or a movie with an apocalypse?


The ghostly tigers’ hunger was building up BIG-TIME. So it decided to have a snack of talking giraffes. The tiger used it’s ice-powers to benumb the animal so it won’t make noise. As soon as the zookeeper looked back the giraffes were gone! The zookeeper injected a chemical to make herself stronger to fight. Once the zookeeper got in the den of the ghostly tiger she blasted the chemical at the tiger and it abtated. She was victorious after she got the giraffes back. For the first job the zookeeper was not that bad.

What chemical do you think the zookeeper used to make herself stronger?

   On Thursday we went to a fun place called Liberty Science Center. Liberty Science Center was fun, and exciting. If you visit you'll have joyful time there
Diseases can spread easily. There is one disease called the '' Spanish Pandemic Flu'' You must be careful with this flu because it killed more than  40 million people in 1 year! There is another one called HIV. A Haitian woman had HIV and didn't want to feed her son because she was frightened that he would get HIV to. She eventually had to feed hi because she had no choice but luckily her son still survived with no HIV. People can be healthy but you or that person may never know what they really have. You need to wash your hands with warm water for 20 seconds so the germs will go away. Also diseases stop the body from working the way it should.
e eventually did a science experiment. First we had this science plate where we put the drops in it. 1 2 3 4 an 5 were the numbers in it. We took the negative liquid and used the eyedropper to put the negative liquid in the numbers and did the same thing with the positive liquid. Positive means your carrying the disease and negative mean your not carrying the disease. Next we used the tweezers to pick up beads WITH the real disease coated over them! Me and my partner were definitely careful with NOT touching the beads!! We poured a substance in to all of the numbers. A few turned pink because those were carrying the disease.
hen we first went to Liberty Science Center we watched a movie called '' Turtle Vision 2: Sammy's Escape'' I think in my opinion the  Environmental Message is to stop dumping oil, waste and garbage because it's not doing anything but harming and killing Sea Animals. In the movie they were spilling oil and a few of the little Sea Critters died.
y conclusion is to stay healthy by staying away from dead animals, washing hands, and taking medicine also help the dying critters PLEASE!


Oliver, Jotham. babysnapper.jpg. August 2010. Pics4Learning. 7 Jun 2013
Friday the 4th grader went to field station: Dinosaurs! We learned soo much
about these ferocious predators.

we learned about the extensions of how they died out heres a list

  • Floods 

dinosaurs looked so real but we learned the long necked dino is not

  • T-rex,
    (I think this is correct)

I was scared half to death after what happened in the theatre because they
brought out the Tyrannosaurus Rex but T-rex for short. T-rex is A carnivore
which means it eats meat.

Scientists are thinking of bringing dinosaurs back to life! in a way it's good
because dinosaurs may have something in their bodies to help us and it's bad
because things can go awry and they can cause destruction mayhem and

Dinosaurs seem very
scary to me
especially T-rex i'm not really scared of the Dinosaur with the plates on it's
back because instead of eating meat it eats grass.

 here are some facts about

Dinosaurs can be herbivores carnivores and omnivores.Dinosaurs died out about 56 MILLION years ago!Dinosaurs either lived in/on land, air and water.Dinosaurs may be brought back to life by scientists in the future                           

do you want dinosaurs to come back to

One blogging challenge is meeting 10 people. This post is by Ella F.  This is my favorite challenge because
we get to express our feelings in a way by informing people the people we wan't
to meet. Also in this challenge you need to have a question for the person you
wan't to meet. It's fun to express
your feelings y telling who you wan't to meet. Ella put's great people that she
want's to meet. This is mrs. panthers class!

Another blogging challenge is about spring break/Easter. This blog post is by Zoe in mrs.panthers class. Easter break is a good
challenge because Easter is one of my favorite Holidays and then we get to talk
about what we are doing for Easter Break/ Spring. It's fun on easter break
because at my school we get 1 WHOLE week off!

Last but not least is Anthony at edublogs on chllange #8. I like challenge
8 by Anthony because he's very detailed.  It's very good to be detailed it
makes the reader understand more. When the reader understands more it helps them
visualize. Visualization is good because the visitor would visit even

As I was carrying my subway sandwich the birds swooped down together and grabbed
it. I was so angry I screamed ”NOO!” The next day I wen’t to dominoes to
get some pizza. No birds this time I thought. Soon a vicsous dog ran
up jumped and wen’t away with A good textured pizza.  I
eventually made A plan to get back on these birds and the dog. The very
next day I put my pizza in a sandwich then I layed it on the
floor. As soon as the bird and dog came I let a rip with my water balloon!

What do you think happened after I threw my water balloon at the bird and dog???
    Titanic is a movie based on a true story. It is about a lady named Rose Dawson who is a survivor of the Titanic. She tells it 85 years later. The lady who is a survivor fell in love with Jack Dawson in 1912 when the Titanic sailed. This is a very fantastic movie!! I give it 5 stars in rating because it really does tell us/you a story through acting. This will really set your emotions in a few parts because their are ups and downs. i'm not kidding because this is a very good movie it's heartwarming for your family. Also if you never heard of the Titanic it might teach you a few things like : How did it hit the iceberg?  How cold is the water ? and How did people die in the water? This movie might be ablle to answer those questions for us.

heres a youtube link for the trailer:   Titanic
As the sun came up i was still asleep. I woke up about a minute later and grey beings with big giant black eyes surrounded me. I let out a huge scream. They said ”We come in peace human being” They took me to there home planet. It was called Planet X. There were so many craters and there was water there! I never seen such a nice planet. ”Why am i here?” I asked. ”We need help, our planet is dying!” The grey being said. I felt kind of bad for the aliens and i helped them but it didn’t turn out good.

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Aliens Taking You To Their Home Planet?
100 word challenge: Creative writing for young people

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